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Read e-book online An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races PDF

By Arthur De Gobineau, Mark Guy Valerius Tyson

Written 1853–1855. Translated via Adrian Collins, M.A. creation through Dr. Oscar Levy, Editor of the permitted English model of Nietzsche's works. Digitized by way of the web Archive in 2011 with investment from collage of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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I assume that there will be new conquests and, every time, a current of fresh blood will be mingled with the main stream. Henceforth, as the nation grows, whether by war or treaty, its racial character changes more and more. It is rich, commercial, and civilized. The needs and the pleasures of other peoples find ample satisof blood is not confined for long to the The empire I . ; and its ports while its myriad attractions cause many foreigners to make it their home. After a short time, we might truly say that a distinction of castes faction in its capitals, its great towns, ; takes the place of the original distinction of races.

32 Yet THE MEANING OF DEGENERATION does finally come to pass, and is everywhere quite complete, long before the end of the civilization which the victorious race is supposed to be animating. A people may often go on living it and working, and even growing in power, after the active, its life and glory has ceased to exist. Does this contradict what I have said above ? Not at all for while generating force of ; the blood of the civilizing race being parcelled out among is gradually drained away by the peoples that are conquered or annexed, the impulse originally given to these peoples still The institutions which the dead master had invented, the laws he had prescribed, the customs he had initiated all these live after him.

If the empire of Darius had, at the battle of Arbela, been able to fill its ranks with Aryans if the Romans of the later Empire had had a Senate and an army of the same stock as that which existed at the time of the Fabii, their dominion would never have come to an end. So long as they kept the same purity of blood, the Persians and Romans would have lived and reigned. In the long run, it might be said, a conqueror, more irresistible than they, would have appeared on the scene and they would have fallen under a well-directed attack, or a long siege, or simply by the fortune of a single battle.

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An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races by Arthur De Gobineau, Mark Guy Valerius Tyson

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