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Download e-book for kindle: Alta (The Dragon Jousters, Book 2) by Mercedes Lackey

By Mercedes Lackey

ISBN-10: 0756402166

ISBN-13: 9780756402167

In the second one novel in nationwide best-selling legend Mercedes Lackey's richly-conceived new Joust sequence, the dragonrider Vetch escapes to Alta, the subjugated land of his birth.  There, he hopes to coach his humans to elevate and teach dragons-and construct a military that may unencumber his homeland.

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Reht chuckled. “Agreed. Sometimes rashness is a soldier’s ally. ” Norsim smiled. ” “Aye,” Enken said. He spat at the feet of Kelgar’s mount. ” “We’ve been leading since we arrived,” Kelgar answered. The men all laughed as the group dispersed back to their units. ” The mage shook his head. “Nothing. ” He nodded at the storm as distant thunder rumbled. “And divinations reveal nothing about the storm. ” “I cannot make contact with anyone there. ” Behind them, horns blew and men shouted, the army forming up.

Gavist and Othel cleared out of the way and Reht stood in the tent’s doorway as the warpriests honored their dead by howling over his body and destroying his possessions, overturning tables, shattering glass, slashing carpets and bedding. Reht had seen it before. Talos reveled in destruction and battle. So did his priests. The Talassans would pile up the wreckage and set it all aflame with a summoned lightning strike before dawn. As if in answer to the funereal rage of the Talassan warpriests, the sky rumbled with thunder, a lasting peal that reached a booming crescendo.

Cale and Riven stood within the column of darkness. Rain dripped from their cloaks. Both men turned and looked back toward Sembia but the Shadowstorm was too far away to see. Cale saw only the rocky ledges of the Wayrock and the boundless blue-gray of the sea. White clouds dotted the sky. There was no indication of the black lesion spreading across Sembia, across Faerûn. ” Riven, too, stared over the sea. “I do what needs done, Cale. Get clear on that. I’ll do it again next time, and the time after that.

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Alta (The Dragon Jousters, Book 2) by Mercedes Lackey

by George

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