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A Cp-Theory Problem Book: Functional Equivalencies by Vladimir V. Tkachuk PDF

By Vladimir V. Tkachuk

ISBN-10: 3319243837

ISBN-13: 9783319243832

ISBN-10: 3319243853

ISBN-13: 9783319243856

This fourth quantity in Vladimir Tkachuk's sequence on Cp-theory provides kind of entire assurance of the speculation of practical equivalencies via 500 rigorously chosen difficulties and routines. via systematically introducing all the significant subject matters of Cp-theory, the publication is meant to carry a devoted reader from easy topological rules to the frontiers of contemporary learn. The ebook offers whole and up to date details at the renovation of topological houses through homeomorphisms of functionality areas. An exhaustive concept of t-equivalent, u-equivalent and l-equivalent areas is built from scratch. The reader also will locate introductions to the speculation of uniform areas, the speculation of in the community convex areas, in addition to the speculation of inverse structures and size concept. additionally, the inclusion of Kolmogorov's answer of Hilbert's challenge thirteen is incorporated because it is required for the presentation of the speculation of l-equivalent areas. This quantity comprises an important classical effects on useful equivalencies, particularly, Gul'ko and Khmyleva's instance of non-preservation of compactness by means of t-equivalence, Okunev's approach to developing l-equivalent areas and the concept of Marciszewski and Pelant on u-invariance of absolute Borel sets.

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Suppose that n 2 N and a space Xi is metrizable for every i Ä n. Prove that, for any countable ordinal 2, (i) if Xi 2 A for all i Ä n then X1 : : : Xn 2 A ; (ii) if Xi 2 M for all i Ä n then X1 : : : Xn 2 M . 186. X / \ M˛ for every n 2 !. Prove that X 2 M˛ . 187. g and Xn 2 M n for every n 2 !. 188. Given a countable ordinal 2, let M be the class of absolute Borel sets of multiplicative class . X / W ˛ < n g. 189. X / W ˛ < n g. 190. Prove that any analytic space has a complete sequence of countable covers.

249. X /. 250. Given spaces X and Y and a continuous map ' W X ! X / ! Y / such that u' jX D '. Prove that the following conditions are equivalent for any continuous onto map ' W X ! Y . (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) The map ' is R-quotient. The map u' is R-quotient. The map u' is quotient. The map u' is open. 251. Let f W X ! Y be an R-quotient map. U / ! U is also R-quotient. 252. Let X be a Tychonoff space. Prove that, for any nonempty closed set F X, the R-quotient space XF is also Tychonoff and if pF W X !

A family K of nonempty compact subsets of X is called a moving off collection if, for any compact L X , there is K 2 K such that K \ L D ;. A space X has the moving off property if every moving off collection contains an infinite subcollection which has a discrete open expansion. X / be its one-point compactification. A family A of subsets of X is T1 -separating if, for any distinct x; y 2 X , there are A; B 2 A such that A \ fx; yg D fxg and B \ fx; yg D fyg. The Gruenhage–Ma game is played on a space X by players I and II .

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A Cp-Theory Problem Book: Functional Equivalencies by Vladimir V. Tkachuk

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