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4000 Essential English Words, Volume 6 - download pdf or read online

By Paul Nation

ISBN-10: 1599664070

ISBN-13: 9781599664071

4000 crucial English phrases is a six-book sequence that's designed to target useful high-frequency phrases to reinforce the vocabulary of rookies from excessive commencing to improve degrees. The sequence provides quite a few phrases that conceal a wide percent of the phrases that may be present in many spoken or written texts. therefore, after gaining knowledge of those goal phrases, freshmen may be capable of absolutely comprehend vocabulary goods once they come across them in written and spoken form.
Each unit provides 20 phrases that are outlined and utilized in pattern sentences. The actions within the books are designed to offer the phrases in several makes use of in order that beginners can absolutely see how they are often applied. additionally on the finish of every unit there's a tale whch includes the unit's objective phrases to offer rookies extra examples of the phrases in use. each one point thoroughly prepares the learner for the subsequent which steadily demanding situations the learner with extra refined vocabulary and tales.

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Tom did n ’t get home until after dark because the road was so congested. courier [kuriar] n. A courier is someone who takes and delivers mail or packages. —►Before trains, most couriers used horses to travel. deform idifoxm] v. To deform something means to change it from its correct or original shape. —►The computer program deformed the building’s picture into an unreal sight. etiquette [etiket] n. Etiquette is the group of rules about how to be polite. —» When in Asian countries, bowing is a form o f etiquette.

If something is therapeutic, it helps to cure a disease or makes you healthier. k4 —► After a stressful day o f working, Phoebe would take a therapeutic bath. LTJ Exercise 1 Choose the one that is opposite in meaning to the given word. 1. credible a. unbelievable b. incorrect c. sly d. unprocessed deceased a. healed b. affected c. young d. alive ornate a. unworthy b. simple c. cruel d. blessed therapeutic a. valued b. sickening c. unavailable d. extra dusk a. moon b. sunrise c. eclipse d. month Exercise 2 Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part.

Exact d. secret Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part. 1. The movement downward from the mountain was because it had started to rain. 2. The berries were not ripe when he tried them. Their taste was extremely sharp and strong. 3. A thick, solid piece of dirt was stuck underneath the wagon’s tire. 4. Please share your suggestions with the department leader so she can address them. 5. After toiling for hours in the hot sun, the prisoners were tired from too much work. 6. For her birthday, her boyfriend took her out for a fancy and expensive dinner.

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